Hiking Through Autumn Landscapes

Arriving in Korea in the Fall

As summer ends and autumn arrives in South Korea, the country transforms with colorful beauty. Fall is a special time, especially for hikers, who can explore Korea’s natural splendor. If you’re lucky enough to be arriving during this season to teach English in Korea, you are in luck! From Seoul to Sejong, hiking through autumn landscapes can be a truly magical adventure!


Arriving to South Korea in the Fall feels like entering a painting. The air is cool, carrying the scent of crisp leaves and new adventures. The streets are warm and inviting, covered in red, orange, and yellow leaves, urging you to go outside.

Among Korea’s four seasons, Fall is a fan favorite. The hot summer eases into perfect weather conditions, perfect for outdoor activities. The colorful trees make hiking the perfect activity. The mix of colors on mountains and valleys is breathtaking, making fall a great time for photographers and nature-lovers alike.

Hiking Though Korea's Autumn Glory

Korea has many hiking trails that become stunning in Fall. From the famoulsy popular Bukhansan National Park in Seoul to hidden gems around the country, each trail offers a unique experience. Trees turn into a beautiful mix of red, orange, and yellow as you climb. The rustling leaves and glimpses of wildlife make the journey enchanting.

Enjoying Fall in Sejong City

Sejong City, surrounded by hills and beautiful landscapes, is perfect for a peaceful fall hiking adventure. Trails like Bihak Mountain offer panoramic views of Sejong against autumn colors. The city’s bustling scene transitions to a calm natural setting as ascend up and down the mountain!

A Taste of Culture Along The Way

Fall in Korea isn’t just about nature; it’s also a time for culture and festivities. On the trails, you might see locals in traditional Korean attire, having picnics, or performing folk shows. These encounters show Korea’s rich culture and can make your hiking experiences even more fun and exciting.

Fall in Korea is a season of wonder, where nature displays its beauty through colorful landscapes. Experiencing Korea during this season is like taking a front-row seat to a fall symphony. From bustling city streets to peaceful country trails, each step celebrates Korea’s traditional and modern beauty. Strap on your hiking boots, feel the cool breeze, and let the adventure begin!


Bella Maselana hails from South Africa where she earned a Bachelor’s of Psychology and has served as an English teacher and Lecturer at the University of SA. Bella currently teaches at April English in Sejong, South Korea.