American Food in Korea

Eating kbbq, kimchi, bulgogi, and samgyeopsal never gets old while living in Korea. Although, from time to time I do miss the occasional cheeseburger, pizza, and street tacos. I can’t help it! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Missing food from home is not unusual while living abroad. Thankfully, I’ve run into my fare share of restaurants that serve American food in Korea.

The Cheeseburgers Finds

American burger joints in Korea

If you are ever in the mood for a cheeseburger, you’ll be sure to find a McDonald’s or Burger King nearby. Are you worried about not being able to order because of your lack of Korean speaking skills? Not to worry! They have kiosks that you order from with English language settings. The prices are impeccable, as inflation is not a huge issue here in Korea (yet). For instance, you could purchase a whopper meal and spend about 10,000 KRW or $7.50 USD.

More “sophisticated” American food in Korea, Five Guys is also located in Gangam. Lines are usually out the door, so be sure to plan accordingly. The menu is a bit overpriced, but if you’re looking for a quality burger, this is the way to go. Now, if you’re looking for a burger that is absolutely chef’s kiss, Brooklyn burger joint takes the trophy. I go to the Mokdong location at least once a week. The patty is juicy, and the buns are soft, yet sturdy. The meat/bun/accompaniment ratio is even from the first to last bite. Not to mention, the milkshakes are thick, creamy, and smooth. The quality of the meal makes up for the price. You can expect to pay about 20,000 krw or $15.50 USD for a cheeseburger, milkshake, and fries. Be sure to check out this link for additional information on Brooklyn locations and menu.

"American" Pizza

The great news about American food in Korea: pizza parlors can be found on almost every corner. I was surprised to find Papa Johns my first week arriving here in Seoul. The menu is a bit different out here, as all places accommodate their audience. Garlic pepper steak, grilled bulgogi, and shrimp alfredo pizza are common in most Korean parlors. But, you can definitely still order your plain pepperoni and cheese pizza as well. Prices range depending on the size. The smallest size starts at 20,000 KRW. Be sure to click the link to see the official menu. Also, feel free to check out Foursquare’s top 15 best pizza places in Seoul

American-style Mexican Food

According to google, Mexican food is Americans’ second favorite food. So, it’s only right that I include a section of this blog dedicated to the best kind of food on the planet (I am mexican, call me biased). Crazy enough, Koreans can cook up a decent burrito, taco, and quesadilla. Mexican restaurants are not the easiest finds. But, I have found that Itaewon has a handful of good spots. Some meals (other than the usual burrito/tacos/quesadillas) you’ll be able to order include enchiladas, super nachos, tamales, chilaquiles, and mole. Check the link below to see 10Magazine’s top 10 Mexican restaurants in Seoul for Mexican American Food in Korea.

Additional American Food Spots In Korea

Some other noteworthy American food spots in Korea include Subway, KFC, Starbucks, On The Border, Auntie Anne’s, Pancake House, and TGI Friday’s just to name a few!  Mom’s touch actually originated here in South Korea. They’ve been branching out over the years, and actually have some locations in Los Angeles. If you are looking for a delicious chicken sandwich, be sure to check them out!

Amber Ochoa is from Los Angeles, USA, and just recently moved to South Korea in May. She studied Biochemistry as an undergraduate. After graduation, she began venturing out and began to embrace her love for adventure. She finds that “nothing holds greater power in our life than the unknown.” One night while applying to random jobs on Indeed, she came across an English teaching position in Seoul, Korea. Flash forward, she is now teaching at CDI, Mokdong branch. She claims that Creverse found her and ended up becoming a blessing in disguise. Amber says giving knowledge to students & inspiring them for higher achievements in life is one of the greatest feelings in the world.