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CREVERSE (formerly ChungDahm Learning) has over 180 locations throughout Korea, 40,000 students and over 1,000 trained and certified instructors.  CREVERSE provides a comprehensive research-based English language curriculum for its teachers that prepares their Korean students to successfully use English in both academic and business environments. Teachers and students utilize the ChungDahm 3.0 platform where smart tablets and flat screen monitors are used to enhance the educational experience. CREVERSE has proven itself to be more than “just a teaching job”.  The high salaries are a reflection of the premium value with place on our instructors.

Below you will also find descriptions of the various programs and brands CREVERSE offers.

The i-Garten Program

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Due to popular demand, Creverse launched its first kindergarten focused program, i-Garten. Immersing the program with art and music, the highly interactive lessons encourages freedom of expression and creativity. The diverse global cultural topics aim towards building self-esteem, confidence, and problem solving. Utilizing Smart Technology classroom, Creverse now caters to beginner phonics speaking or advanced TOEFL preparation.

April Institute

april institute

Launched in September of 2007, the ChungDahm April Institute uses creativity and art as its core concept to help elementary school aged children learn English. The program is aimed to allow students to use imagination, artistic sensibility and expression to study creative thinking and problem solving. In this high-technology era, April Institute makes wide use of Information Technology to enable our own curriculum to be delivered effectively through a Smart Board.  This allows the classroom environment to be more fun and enjoyable for students.  Through the touch screen display and digital books, students can take part in various activities which results in an overall increase of class quality as well as motivating students to further their English studies.

ChungDahm Institute

ChungDahm Insitute is geared towards primary and secondary school aged students.  This program in particular was the first in South Korea to implement all smart classrooms. Replacing traditional whiteboards with flat screen TVs and text books with tablets, the third generation ChungDahm curriculum fosters critical and creative thinking while encouraging English fluency. Dedicated to improve young learner’s confidence in speaking, Creverse’s methodological key principle is 75/25, where students speak 75% and teachers only speak 25%.