Should I Get A TEFL Certificate To Teach In Korea?

Teaching In Korea

As you begin exploring opportunities to teach in a South Korea, you may have come across the term TEFL in all of your research. In this post, we will discuss what a TEFL certificate is, the benefits of getting a TEFL certificate and whether it is necessary to have one to teach English in South Korea!


An English teacher in front of a pagoda in Seoul Korea

What is a TEFL Certificate?

TEFL, which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is a certificate that will provide you with the tools to become a successful English teacher! During the course, you’ll explore topics such as:


  • Supporting English language learners
  • Creating dynamic lesson plans
  • Managing classroom interactions
  • Evaluating language abilities
  • Enhancing teaching methods

What are the Benefits of Having a TEFL Certificate?

If you are thinking about teaching in South Korea, getting a TEFL certificate is a great idea!

It provides you with the skills and knowledge to help your students with their language acquisition. You will walk away from the course feeling more confident in your abilities as a teacher and you will be inspired to test out your newly learned skills in real-time!


Additionally, earning a TEFL certificate helps your resume stand out in a sea of applications! It shows your dedication to professional growth which is something that employers in South Korea greatly appreciate. Regardless of whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced teacher looking for new opportunities, it can be extremely valuable and will help set you up for success!


How Much Does a TEFL Certificate Cost?

The price of getting a TEFL certificate can differ significantly based on various factors: such as the length of the course, the accreditation of the course and if the certificate is online or in person.

In general, you can anticipate spending anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a TEFL certificate program. Online courses are usually more cost-effective, while in-person courses may have higher fees due to extra expenses like facilities rentals and classroom materials. Keep an eye out for discounted certificates on platforms such as Groupon, etc – just make sure that they are from a trustworthy organization!!  


Do I Need a TEFL To Teach in South Korea?

A TEFL certificate is not a requirement to teach in South Korea! Although, it is highly recommended and will help you feel better prepared before you make the move to teach abroad.

Our Top Pick: The TEFL Academy

There are a lot of different TEFL certifications available, but we highly suggest The TEFL Academy. Known for its in depth courses and internationally recognized certification, The TEFL Academy effectively prepares teachers for success in their classroom!


In summary, obtaining a TEFL is great for advancing your teaching career and it is a useful tool for preparing yourself to teach English language learners! With a TEFL certificate, you are not just getting a qualification… you are opening up opportunities to explore new cultures, experiences and career paths!

Bethany Coquelle, growing up and living in both the east and west coasts of Canada, serves as an Overseas Recruiter specializing in South Korea placements since 2017! With a multicultural family and a passion for cultural exchange, she understands the transformative power of connecting people from diverse backgrounds. Inspired by the impact teachers can have on students’ lives, Bethany is dedicated to linking educators with their ideal positions abroad. Whether guiding through the intricacies of teaching in South Korea or providing a compassionate ear, she is committed to supporting your educational journey.