Why choose us

Why Aclipse Recruiting?


Founded in 2007, our staff has over 50 years of experience working and living in Asia. Our job is to provide answers, guidance, and support from learning about the opportunity through completion of your contract so you are 100% confident throughout the entire process.

Our Clients

Aclipse has access to teaching opportunities with the most reputable education companies in Korea. We are also the dedicated North American recruiting arm of one of the leading institutes in South Korea, with over 200 locations. You won’t have to worry if there is a better opportunity out there for you.

Teacher Network

We have placed over 10,000 people in Korea, and have real life testimonials and blog posts so you can get a taste of what the opportunity is like. We can even set you up to speak with one of our alumni over zoom who is currently living and teaching in Korea!

24/7 Support

We have recruiters in multiple time zones who are always available to help. Whether you are a candidate just figuring out if this is the right opportunity for you, or if you’re  in your second contract year looking to make a change, we will be here.

Opportunities for Advancement

Since we represent some of the leading education companies, teachers who wish to extend their contract in Korea have unique opportunities to advance into other roles in our client companies. From curriculum development and training, to marketing and business development, it’s not uncommon for teachers to stay for over 2-3 years and lay real roots!


Simply put, we care! All of us went through the process and care deeply about the amazing students we serve and the great people we’ve worked alongside. We are looking for people who share our values and attitudes towards making a difference in people’s lives.