How To Become An English Teacher In Korea In 2024

Dreaming of an exciting journey in South Korea? Wondering how to become an English teacher there? 

Here’s a detailed timeline from applying to arriving there in just a few months! Let’s dive into the steps to teach English in South Korea!

Month 1: Application & Interview

Day 1: The applicant submits an application to teach English starting in May.

Day 3: An interview with an Aclipse Recruiter is scheduled.

Day 6: Following the interview, the applicant prepares for the next stage.

Day 7: Application items are submitted.

Day 11: The applicant receives an initial offer letter from the school. Their Aclipse recruiter schedules a follow-up call.

Day 13: A phone call is conducted to discuss the initial offer and the E2 Visa document preparation.

Day 14: The applicant accepts the offer and signs the Memorandum of Understand (MoU).

Day 15 to 24: The applicant works on their E2 Visa documents with regular support and guidance from the Aclipse Recruiter.

Day 25: Completion of required E2 visa documents, followed by a review for accuracy by Aclipse.

Day 26: The documents are looked over by one of our experts before being readied for mailing to South Korea.

Day 30: The Aclipse Documents Expert dispatches the documents to HQ in South Korea.

Month 2 and 3: Visa & Location Placement

Day 33: The documents reach the headquarters in South Korea.

Day 34 to 49: The applicant has regular engagements with the Aclipse Recruiter for preparations.

Day 50: The placement process commences.

Day 57: The applicant contract is received. Detailed information about the contract is then provided by HQ and the Aclipse Recruiter.

Day 60: A welcome call is made by the HQ in South Korea to address contract-related queries.

Day 64: The signed contract is sent back to the Aclipse Recruiter.

Day 69: Documents reach Korean Immigration for visa code application (processing time: 2 to 4 weeks).

Day 83: Pre-departure information received from the Aclipse Recruiter. The applicant also receives a phone call regarding visa code and application.

Day 84: Visa code confirmation received!

Day 85: E2 Visa application is submitted to Korean Immigration.

Month 4: Departure & Arrival

Day 98: The visa is ready, and the applicant begins exploring flight options.

Day 99: Flight booked, .

Day 100 – 114: Extensive communication between the applicant and the Aclipse Recruiter. Discussions about arrival, detailed instructions post-landing, and final reminders for training and settling in. Ensuring a well-prepared transition!

Day 115: Arrival in South Korea – success!

You’ve Made it! You’re in South Korea!

Embark on an exhilarating journey from application to flight booking with Aclipse to teach English in South Korea.

Our personalized support, countdowns, check-ins, and celebrations ensure an enjoyable experience for every teacher. Apply today!