Visa Requirements To Teach In Korea

To be eligible to teach in Korea you need:

  • Citizenship from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand
  • 10 years of education in one of the countries listed above (from grade 7 onward)
  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • A national background check with no charges from your country of citizenship
  • Commitment to a one-year contract

Required Visa Documents

Below is the list of the documents needed to obtain a visa to teach in Korea.  Your name on all of your documents must match exactly the name that is on your passport.  Make and keep copies of each of these documents for your own records as they cannot be returned once submitted. 

  • One apostilled national criminal background check.
  • One apostilled photocopy of a Bachelor’s diploma.
  • A Latin degree translation if your diploma is written in Latin. If your diploma is not written in Latin you do not need to do this.
  • Two passport photos if you are an E2 visa candidate.  
  • A copy of your passport.  Make sure it is valid through the year you would be teaching in Korea.
  • The Korean immigration issued health statement (this form will be provided to you by the recruiter).
  • A letter of graduation OR a transcript from your university that confirms your degree and date of graduation

You can also get advice from former teachers who have already recently gone through the process from their respective countries. Click on the links below for first hand experiences by country of origin.