Coolest Technology Innovations In Korea

Exploring the Coolest Tech Innovations In Korea

One thing many people know about Korea, besides K-Pop and K-Dramas, is that Korea has seamlessly integrated technology into everyday life. From robot coffee shops to futuristic bus stops, Korea is pioneering new innovations that make your daily life as a teacher more convenient. Let me tell you about some of the coolest technology innovations in Korea I use or see almost every day!


Smart Bus Stops

People standing in an enclosed Smart bus stop in South Korea

Waiting for the bus is usually uneventful, but my daily commute has never been more enjoyable thanks to smart bus stops. These high-tech shelters have interactive touchscreens that provide real-time bus schedules and weather updates. Another feature I love is that there are built-in WiFi and USB charging ports so you don’t have to use your data while waiting for the bus. These shelters even have heated seats so you can stay warm in the winter.

Smart touch screen at a smart bus stop in Korea
Charging ports and hand sanitizers at smart Bus Stop in Korea

Umbrella Dryers

A man following directions on a standing sign on how to use the eco friendly umbrella dryer.

There is nothing worse than lugging around a wet umbrella, especially during the rainy season. However, Korea’s umbrella dryers have got you covered. Dryers are located outside of most subway stations and corporate buildings. They use a combination of air and UV light to quickly dry your umbrella. The dryer is really user-friendly, and is one of the most practical and appreciated bits of technology. Innovations like this makes my life in Korea more comfortable.


Robot Coffee Shops

Have you ever had your coffee made by an AI barista? In Korea, robot coffee shops are popping up all over and make for a fun and unique cafe experience. These automated cafes not only serve up delicious beverages but also showcase the latest advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence. The cafes are really cool to experience, and have different drink options available.


People waiting for coffee to be made at a robot coffee shop

VR Cafes

Inside a VR Cafe in South Korea

Another cool place to grab a coffee and unwind after a busy week of teaching is a VR cafe. Korea is home to some of the world’s most advanced VR cafes where visitors can immerse themselves in virtual worlds and experiences. The cafes offer a bunch of different immersive games to play on your own or with friends. I recommend you check out VR Plus Cafe in Gangnam located near Gangnam Station Exit 1.


In conclusion, these technology innovations have transformed the way I live, work, and play. If you’re looking to change up your present life and teach in Korea, one thing is clear: the future is already here, and it’s super cool!

Michelle Duquette is from Toronto, Canada and moved to South Korea in 2015. She has a Bachelors in English literature and a Masters in ESL Education. Michelle has taught at Creverse campuses in Gangneung, Songpa, and Mokdong and currently works as a CDI and April Trainer. Michelle never set out to be a teacher but fell in love with Korean culture and the excitement of being in the classroom. Michelle lives in Seoul with her partner and two cats, Cherry and Frost. re she works at one of Creverse’s April Institutes. When Diana isn’t working, she loves exploring Korea, drinking warm cups of tea, and scaring away her friends with her karaoke performances.