A Night Out in Korea

A Night Out

The nightlife in Seoul is such a site to see. The lights, music, and overall ambience accentuates this liveliness like no other. A night out is all about cutting loose and being spontaneous, but I am here to give you some pointers on how to do a night out in Korea right.

Aerial shot of a group of young foreigners at a bar in Korea


First things first, you’ve gotta figure out how you’re going to appear at your destination. The subway can always get you to the location of your choice, but keep in mind they normally stop running at midnight. If you are a party animal like me, you can dance until the sun rises, and catch the subway back home at 5:30am when they start operating again. Buses usually run until around midnight. Depending on your location, there are some late night buses but they tend to take about an hour + to arrive at stops (so I wouldn’t rely on this!). There is no “last call” in Korea. Nightlife goes until everyone decides to leave!


Alternatively, you can always order a taxi using the kakaoT mobile application. Yes, it is an English friendly app. There will be tons of taxi options to choose from when ordering, but be sure to click “General Request.” This is the most reasonably priced option. The cost depends on the amount of kilometers traveled. For some perspective, a 20-minute ride would cost me around 15,000 KRW or $11.48 USD ($1=1,306 KRW).


I wouldn’t recommend biking and drinking, but a one-way trip to your destination could be a good option to save money and get some “steps in!” Seoul has public bikes that are accessible to anyone and can be found almost everywhere. All you have to do is download the Seoul Bike application, authenticate your identity (it takes about 2 minutes), and purchase a pass. Be sure to check out more information about Seoul Bikes.


Hot Party Spots

Seoul is enormous, and its nightlife is expansive. You are bound to find some place intriguing and acclimate to. If you didn’t already know where the major party spots are, Itaewon and Hongdae are your answers. Both places are filled with tons of bars/clubs, and foreigners of all ages. The countless memories and friends I’ve made in these places are incredible.

A big perk about going out are the drink prices. My first night out with the gals, I thought I spent my entire paycheck with the amount of drinks I ordered. When in reality, I only spent about $60 USD. In Korea, cocktails are about 10,000 KRW or $7.65 ($1=1,306 KRW), beer’s are sold at 7,000 KRW or $5.36 ($1=1,306 KRW), and shots can range anywhere between 8,000-15,000 KRW or $6.12 – $11.48 ($1=1,306 KRW). After finding out this information, it’s no wonder why alcohol is so popular. I took the liberty of attaching this article on drinking in South Korea that goes into depth with the culture. Check it out! 


Dive bar ambiance of a bar in Korea
Mike's Cabin in Hongdae
Picture on the inside of Lit Lounge in Itaewon, Korea
Hookah Bar in Itaewon
An aerial view of Fountain Bar in Itaewon, Korea
Fountain Bar in Itaewon
Picture inside a club in Hongdae, Korea
Club Madholic in Hongdae

In a Nutshell

A night out in Korea is such a fun experience. You’re going to see some crazy things, become that social butterfly from within, and meet some really cool/interesting humans. Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget to follow my tips. I hope your first drink in Seoul is the best one yet!


Amber Ochoa is from Los Angeles, USA, and just recently moved to South Korea in May. She studied Biochemistry as an undergraduate. After graduation, she began venturing out and embracing her love for adventure. She finds that “nothing holds greater power in our life than the unknown.” One night while applying to random jobs on Indeed, she came across an English teaching position in Seoul, Korea. Flash forward, she is now teaching at CDI, Mokdong branch. She claims that Creverse found her and ended up becoming a blessing in disguise. Amber says giving knowledge to students & inspiring them for higher achievements in life is one of the greatest feelings in the world.