Why I Recommended Aclipse to My Friend

Crazy Idea

I lived and taught in Seoul, South Korea for a year from August 2016-September 2017 and it is definitely the best decision I’ve ever made. My first thought when I first had the crazy idea to move abroad was to, of course, talk to friends and family for advice! In these conversations, I actually learned that a friend of a friend had lived in Korea and loved it so much that he stayed for 3 years. Obviously, my next move was to talk to this person. He had the same goals as me: teach, travel and explore! He had enjoyed his time in Seoul and found it to be a very fun, interesting and safe place to live. Little did I know this is exactly why I would be recommending Aclipse to MY friend!

English language teachers posing in front at their school with Christmas hats

The Reference

He let me know that he had worked with Colette at Aclipse and how easy she made the whole process. In my first conversation with Colette, she told me about her experience living and working in Japan and how that led to her career path in recruiting for English teachers. She made it a very easy, step by step process and it never felt overwhelming. I interviewed with her, created my “intro” video, got steps on how to apply for my visa and everything else I could possibly need. Within weeks, I was placed at ChungDahm April in Jamsil, Seoul which was exactly what I wanted since I wanted to teach younger kids.


A group or Chungdahm learning English students posing at their school
A foreign English language teacher posing with selfie stick with her students in a Chungdahm Learning classroom in Korea


All in all, it was a great experience and I have Aclipse and CDI to thank! I will always look back at that time on my life positively and really appreciate the opportunity that I was given. I recently had a friend reach out to me because she is wanting to teach abroad and I recommended Aclipse and CDI for her to teach through. It not only allowed me to fund my travels (which included Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand), but I really enjoyed my job and the students that I taught.


Two foreign English language teachers posing at a baseball game in Korea
Two English language teachers in a canoe on a river in Korea
Foreign English language teacher posing with a Korean staff member at a Chungdahm Learning institute in Korea
Two native English language teachers posing on a mountain in Korea
A few native English language teachers posing in Halloween costumes at a Chungdahm Learning location in Korea


Emily is from Chicago, IL and attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana for her undergrad degree. After finishing college, she spent 5 years working in student advising for a university and while she enjoyed and felt fulfilled in this role, she craved an opportunity to live, teach and travel abroad. She had never been to Asia, and after much research decided that the lifestyle and culture in South Korea would be the best fit. Coming from Chicago, she knew she’d want the big city feel of Seoul and taught at ChungDahm Learning’s April Jamsil branch located in Jamsil, Seoul.