Korean Healthcare Guide

Korean Healthcare

South Korea stands as a top choice for English teachers, thanks to its rich culture, vibrant cities, and welcoming locals. Worried about Korean healthcare? No need! Satisfaction of healthcare has been consistently among the highest in the world – South Korea was rated as the second most efficient healthcare system by Bloomberg.

Night time picture of Samsung Hospital in Korea

Healthcare System Overview

The Korean Healthcare system offers affordability and quality care to both natives and foreigners alike. When you teach in South Korea, you actively enroll in the National Health Insurance System. This reduces medical costs, making routine doctor visits economical. While not all English language institutes in Korea provide insurance for its teachers, some like CREVERSE provide full coverage through national healthcare insurance! The cost is roughly 7% of gross salary. About 3.5% of salary is deducted from your gross monthly pay, and the other half is covered by the school! (These are the same exact rates for Native Koreans.)


Hospitalization Costs

While there may be some hospitalization expenses, insurance actively eases the financial burden during unforeseen medical emergencies. While this cost can sometimes be substantial, the presence of insurance ensures that you don’t have to shoulder the entire expense on your own. This Korean healthcare system provides a safety net that’s especially crucial during unexpected medical situations.

Quality of Care

Korea actively provides exceptional care, even for non-Korean speakers. Healthcare professionals actively overcome language barriers to deliver top-notch treatment. Many major university hospitals have foreigner friendly international health care centers where doctors and nurses speak English as well! 


Specialized Medical Attention

Korea actively maintains an extensive network of specialist doctors. National Health Insurance and the Korean Healthcare system actively covers these services, ensuring personalized medical care in all areas. Whether you need a dermatologist, psychiatry, obstetrics, or other specialty, Korea has you covered. 


Comparative Perspectives

Korea’s healthcare, while not free, actively combines quality, accessibility, and efficiency.

In conclusion, if you’re planning to teach English in South Korea, rest assured that the healthcare system will actively cover all your healthcare needs. National Health Insurance, along with skilled professionals and specialized care, ensures you will have the best healthcare available. So, embrace your journey without concerns for your health!

Bella Maselana hails from South Africa where she earned a Bachelor’s of Psychology and has served as an English teacher and Lecturer at the University of SA. Bella currently teaches at April English in Sejong, South Korea.