A Guide to Buying Furniture in Korea

Furnishing Your New Adventure

You’ve made the move to Korea and you’re ready to dive into the vibrant culture, amazing food and new adventures. An international move can present challenges and furnishing your apartment is likely at the top of your to do list. But where do you begin with finding the perfect furniture at a reasonable price? Let’s explore the best options to buying furniture in Korea.


Ikea in Seoul

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian design and budget-friendly options, the Ikea in Seoul is the first place to check out. Ikea is great for DIY furniture that suits small spaces and a modest budget. Weekdays are generally less crowded and allow for a more relaxed shopping experience. The store is located just outside of the city center and is easy to get to with public transportation. If you don’t want to visit the store, you can shop online and have your items delivered. And yes, they have Swedish meatballs!


IKEA furniture store in South Korea

Carrot Market

Carrot Market (당근) is a popular reselling app where locals sell everything from furniture to clothes and electronics. New listings are posted daily and you can search for amazing deals on pre-loved furniture in your area. Not only will you save money, but you can often find unique items that match with your personal style. The app is in Korean but is easy to navigate and has English search capabilities.

Facebook Finds

Facebook is one of the first places I always check when searching for furniture items. Groups, such as “Expat Furniture Seoul” or “Korea Furniture Exchange,” are gold mines as many teachers leaving the country often sell their furniture at reduced prices or even give it away for free. Make sure to check the groups often as new items are popping up daily!



Modern-House is famous in Korea for their wide variety of furniture at a reasonable price. They are a one-stop shop where you can buy everything you need to make your space feel cozy and put together. Their furniture has a clean, minimalist style and would suit most interior design styles. The online shop is easy to navigate and they often run sales on things like kitchen goods and linens.


Furnishing a new space is never a small task, but between the in store and online options you will be sure to find pieces that fit your needs and transform your space. Before you start shopping, it’s a good idea to take measurements of your space and read all product descriptions to ensure you’re making the right choices.  Happy furniture hunting!

Michelle Duquette is from Toronto, Canada and moved to South Korea in 2015. She has a Bachelors in English literature and a Masters in ESL Education. Michelle has taught at Creverse campuses in Gangneung, Songpa, and Mokdong and currently works as a CDI and April Trainer. Michelle never set out to be a teacher but fell in love with Korean culture and the excitement of being in the classroom. Michelle lives in Seoul with her partner and two cats, Cherry and Frost.