How To Get Your RCMP Check In Canada To Teach In Korea

The desire for adventure has you applying to teach English in Korea, Congratulations! You’re on your way to an opportunity of a lifetime! But there might be questions that you have regarding the documents needed for the visa, like:

  • Is an RCMP check the same as a criminal records check?
  • Where should I get that done?
  • How much is getting all these documents going to cost me?
  • What does apostilled even mean?

Worry not! I’m going to give you a play-by-play guide to make the process for any Canadian resident a breeze!

**This process can take up to 4 weeks! Be sure to start ASAP!


Step 1: RCMP Check - Location and Explanation

Canada Comissionaires logo

What is an RCMP Check? Essentially, it’s the government police looking into your personal information to see if there is any correlation between yourself and any convicted laws.

The process to obtain one is just as straightforward.

 1st: Head to the RCMP station that is nearest where you live/the address on your identification. Check here for official directions. (Ex: If you live in downtown Vancouver, you have 3 different stations to choose from! Congratulations!)


Visit a nearby Commissionaires Office as their processing times may be faster than visiting an RCMP detachment to apply.

2nd: Before you go, check if you need to book an appointment! (Ex: Places in the interior only offer service one day a week, so MAKE SURE when they offer it and to get in ASAP)

Check here for the hours of most of the interior RCMP stations in B.C.

If you don’t see your specific station within the link, no sweat! Just google “RCMP station (Your city)” and the nearest should come up

Check the Commissionaires Site for their appointment schedule.


Step 2: RCMP Check - Execution

When you have all the information, it’s time to apply for your RCMP report! Make sure you have 30-50$ on hand, most stations will do the request but there will be a service fee.

 **Important: Be sure to clarify that the Application type: Employment (Other) and that Application Specifics is Teaching in Korea (This will make things easier for the clerk to process your order)

 They may send you to a postal station nearby to have a courier cheque made out due to the documents being sent to Ottawa, Ontario to be run through the RCMP’s main database. This process might seem like it’s taking an eternity but worry not! The average time it takes for citizens who have never been convicted of a crime is 2-3 weeks. Some places are faster, some places are slower. Have patience, because it is on its way.


Example of a Certified RCMP for Canadians getting a visa to teach English in Korea

Step 3: Apostilling Documents - Location and Explanation

Good news! You’ve received your RCMP report! Now it is time to apostille your RCMP report and your degree copy! But what does that even mean?

Apostilling a document is essentially “authenticating public documents so that they can be recognized internationally in foreign countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty” (CT Corporation Staff, 2024)”

Step 1: Have your RCMP report and degree scan “notarized” by a public notary.  

Look up a few different notaries in your region to find one near you.

I utilized Charlene Silvester Notary Public (link: and had absolutely no problems!

 Step 2: Take your notarized RCMP and notarized degree copy to be apostilled at the provincial office. The cost for the apostille is $20 per document.


Example of a Certified RCMP for Canadians getting a visa to teach English in Korea


You have your apostilled documents. A job well done! You’re now all set to send off all the documents needed to start the visa process.

 Now get ready for a year of adventure, excitement and living to the fullest!!


Morgan Hunter is from Vernon, Canada, and has a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Thompson Rivers University. Morgan had originally started writing film reviews and that love of writing spurred his interest to teach English worldwide. This led him to Aclipse and South Korea where his adventure would began! This is his first year teaching in South Korea, where he will begin at the Chungdahm Institute in Daegu!