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What You Need To Know To Teach In Korea – TEFL Certificate: Is It Required?

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TEFL Certification

What is a TEFL Certificate?

 As you begin exploring opportunities to teach in South Korea, you may have come across the term TEFL in your research. What is a TEFL certificate, what are the benefits of getting a TEFL certificate, and is it necessary to have one to teach English in South Korea?

What is a TEFL Certificate?

TEFL, which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is a certificate that will
provide you with the tools to become a successful English teacher! During the TEFL course, you explore topics such as:

  • Supporting English language learners
  • Creating dynamic lesson plans
  • Managing classroom interactions
  • Evaluating language abilities
  • Enhancing teaching methods

Do I Need a TEFL certificate to Teach in South Korea?

A TEFL certificate is not a requirement to teach in South Korea! However, it is highly recommended to help you better prepare to teach abroad.

Our Top Choice: The TEFL Academy

 There are many different TEFL certifications available, but we highly suggest The TEFL Academy. Known for its in depth courses and internationally recognized certification, The TEFL Academy effectively prepares teachers for success in their classroom!

Is TEFL Required to Teach In Korea?

What are the Benefits of Having a TEFL?

If you are thinking about teaching in South Korea, getting a TEFL certificate is a great idea!

A TEFL certificate provides you with the skills and knowledge to help your students with their language acquisition. You will walk away from the course feeling more confident in your abilities as a teacher and you will be inspired to test out your newly learned skills in real-time!

Additionally, earning a TEFL certificate helps your resume stand out in a sea of applications! It shows your dedication to professional growth which is something that employers in South Korea greatly appreciate. Regardless of whether you're a new graduate or an experienced teacher looking for new opportunities, a TEFL certificate is extremely valuable and will help set you up for success! 

Explore Your Job Options in South Korea

How Much Does a TEFL Certificate Cost?

The price of getting a TEFL certificate can differ significantly based on various factors: such as the length of the course, the accreditation of the course and if the certificate is online or in person. 

In general, you can anticipate spending anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a TEFL certificate program. Online courses are usually more cost-effective, while in-person courses may have higher fees due to extra expenses like facilities rentals and classroom materials. Keep an eye out for discounted certificates on platforms such as Groupon, etc – just make sure that they are from a trustworthy organization!

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Why Teachers trust Aclipse To Teach in Korea

Aclipse made the process of teaching in Korea very smooth! My recruiter, Colette, was easy to work with and always answered all my questions. The paperwork process of teaching abroad can feel very intimidating, but they break it down and walk you through it step by step so it is not overwhelming. I felt supported through the entire process, and even after I left Korea. 10/10 would recommend using them!
This was such a fantastic agency to go through from start to end and my recruiter Nicole was phenomenal!! Could not recommend her enough! She was always prompt and quick to answer any questions or concerns I had, always putting me at ease. She was super friendly and walked me through the entire process. All of my emails were answered promptly and with clarity so I never felt confused or lost. Thank you Nicole for helping make this possible!
Hi All If you want to Teach abroad, I recommend using this agency. I worked through Joe and felt very at ease throughout the entire process. He was very informative, quick with feedback, and walked me through the entire process. As a recruiter, he is very professional and friendly. Thank you so much Joe!
My recruiter, Joe Achacoso, did a phenomenal job in answering all the questions I had and helping make my transition into my new job as smooth as possible. Quick and detailed responses were always given in a timely manner; moreover, I would receive reminders for deadlines or other paperwork on a frequent basis. I would highly recommend Acplise to anyone .
My recruiter did an amazing job supporting and guiding me through the process. From my application to getting my visa, my recruiter, Joe, provided all the information I needed for a smooth process. He even connected me to a teacher who was already in Korea to get more of my questions answered. He was patient when things got a little tedious with getting everything apostilled. All of my emails were answered promptly and with clarity. I will absolutely refer anyone to apply through Aclipse. With all my anxiety of the process and move, I give all my thanks to Joe for easing the fear.

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Frequently asked questions about teaching English in South Korea

What degree do I need to teach In Korea?

Any college major works for teaching in Korea; it's not limited to just English or Education.

No prior teaching experience is necessary in most cases as employers offer training programs in Korea, providing additional teaching support from other teachers in your school or your Korean co-teacher (in the case of public school programs).

In order to apply with Aclipse, however, Your Bachelor's degree needs to be from an English-speaking country, and Associate's degrees are not accepted.

How much can I make teaching in Korea?

You can earn a starting monthly salary ranging from 2.4 to 4.0 Million KRW while teaching in Korea. Additionally, you'll enjoy perks like paid vacation, national holidays and your flight to Korea will be reimbursed.

For more information on teacher benefits, visit this link

Do English teachers In Korea get free housing?

Housing is provided for English teachers in Korea.

If housing is not provided, you will receive a higher salary.

Apartments may vary in size based on your teaching location, but they typically come with essential amenities such as a washer, closet, storage space, stove, refrigerator, and a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.

Do I need to speak Korean in order to teach in Korea?

No, you don't need to be a native speaker or even know Korean to teach English in Korea.

In classrooms, only English is used for teaching. Students are not allowed to speak Korean during lessons, creating an all-English learning environment.

Can I experience this opportunity with a friend or partner?

We will accept applications and interview candidates with dependents, but these candidates should know that we cannot offer additional assistance with their dependents, and the employers will not assist in any way. Unfortunately, benefits are for employees only. Therefore, people bringing dependents like children, spouses, or partners will need to find their own accommodations, secure the visa for these dependents, pay for their flight, and secure schooling for any children. International schools can be very expensive. If you are bringing dependents, you will need to be placed in a city like Seoul, where it is easier to find apartments, schools, and support networks. Some employers do not accept applications from people with dependents so we will advise you on which employers do and do not.

I'm thinking of enrolling in a TESL/CELTA course. Will that help?

Only certain programs (100+ hours of study) will qualify teachers to receive extra salary. It is not a requirement of the job to have a TESL/CELTA certificate, but it is definitely excellent preparation for an ESL teaching position. You can check out one of our partners if you're interested: https://www.theteflacademy.com/

What are we expected to teach?

Lesson plans are based on the curriculum. During training, teachers will learn how to teach the material. Teachers are encouraged to use their own creativity and individual teaching styles to engage students in the lesson material/content.

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