Exploring Jeju Island In Winter

Exploring Jeju: The Hawaii Of Korea

Jeju Island is also known as “the Hawaii of Korea.” When I visited Jeju in February, I was worried the island would be a little boring because it was wintertime. However, my Korean friends pushed me to visit, telling me Jeju is beautiful during the winter, and I’m so glad I listened! From Seoul, Jeju Island is an hour long plane ride. So it is a perfect getaway when you are on your days off from teaching English! With its palm trees, clear blue water, and laid-back atmosphere, it really did feel like I was in Hawaii! Here’s some amazing ways of  exploring Jeju Island in the winter. 


An English teacher holding a pail of freshly picked Hallabong oranges on Jeju Island

Walk the Beaches

We only spent a few short days on Jeju, but we ended up exploring three different beaches on Jeju. While it’s a little too cool to go swimming, we admired the clear blue water, people-watched fishermen sorting through their catch for the day, and collected seashells. Honestly, a part of me wished I could move to Jeju, so I could take a walk along the beach everyday after work. I recommend Hyeopjae Beach!

View of the Hyeopjae Beach on Jeju Island

Visit Art Museums

Maybe you’re not much of an outdoorsy person. That’s okay! Jeju Island has plenty to offer for folks who would rather spend their time inside. We spontaneously decided to check out Arte Museum Jeju, and I’m so glad we did! Each room featured a different light installation. It was like stepping into a museum from the future! If that doesn’t sound like your thing, Jeju has plenty of other museums for you to explore!


An English teacher checking out an Art installation at Arte Museum Jeju

Cafe Hopping

If Korea does one thing well, it’s cafes. Jeju Island is no exception to this rule. We stopped into multiple cafes while visiting the island, but my favorite was Fluffy Cafe. We completely stumbled upon this place and ended up eating the fluffiest, most delicious pancakes. The staff was friendly, and my friend was able to grab some souvenirs for her family back home too! Anywhere you move in Korea, you’ll be able to find cute cafes to spend your weekends hanging out in, but I was really impressed with what Jeju had to offer.


Hike Hallasan National Park

Smack dab in the middle of the island, Hallasan National Park is perfect for anyone who loves hiking! Because of Jeju’s mild climate, I love that I can visit any time of year to hike in Hallasan National Park, even winter! While our trip was just a little too short to check out Hallasan National Park, it’s my motivation to visit the island again ASAP!

An English teacher holding a freshly picked Hallabong orange on Jeju Island

There are so many things to do on your days off from teaching English in Korea. Exploring Jeju Island is one you definitely don’t want to leave of your bucket list! When I got back to Seoul, the city had a good covering of a snow, so it was nice to see some sun!

Diana Richtman is a writer and ESL teacher living in Seoul, South Korea. Originally from Savannah, Georgia in the United States, Diana holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in English & Women’s Studies. After receiving her TEFL certification, Diana moved to South Korea where she works at one of Creverse’s April Institutes. When Diana isn’t working, she loves exploring Korea, drinking warm cups of tea, and scaring away her friends with her karaoke performances.