Korea’s Cherry Blossom Season

Full Bloom

If you’re teaching in Korea this spring you won’t want to miss out on the Cherry Blossom season. Cherry Blossoms typically bloom in late March to early April, and cover the country in beautiful pink and white flowers. Keep in mind that the exact timing can vary each year due to factors like rainfall and  cold weather. This year, you can expect the season to be in full bloom by the beginning of April. I will share with you some of my favorite parts of the Cherry Blossom season!


Woman overlooking Cherry blossom trees in full bloom in South Korea.

Cherry Blossom Hotspots

Lotte Tower seen through Cherry Blossom tree branches and Seokchon Lake in South Korea

Cherry Blossom trees can be found across Korea but there are some really magical spots that you should definitely check out.

  • Seokcheon Lake: This is my all time favorite place to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms. Smack dab in the middle of the lake is Lotte World- a famous indoor/outdoor amusement park. And just a block away is Korea’s largest building – Lotte Tower! I recommend taking a walk around the lake to enjoy hundreds of trees that have transformed into cotton candy clouds! Here’s a sneak peak:
  • Gyeonghwa Station: The atmosphere here is super romantic and is the perfect place to take Instagram pictures. You can find this train station in Jinhae City which features a Cherry Blossom tunnel that looks like it’s from a fairy tale. Jinhae is a 29-minute taxi ride from Busan.
Cherry blossom trees in full bloom at Gyeonghwa Station in South Korea
  • The Garden of Morning Calm: This park is located in Gapyeong which is an easy day trip from Seoul and honestly feels like the set of a Disney movie. I recommend going there during the evening because the garden and pond are lit up with colorful lights at night.

Themed Desserts & Drinks

Another thing I love about Cherry Blossom season is all the themed desserts and drinks. Cupcakes, macarons, and ice cream are some of my favorite seasonal treats that feature the bright, delicious sakura flavors and color palette.


Cafes also offer lattes and teas that you can enjoy. I recommend the Cherry Blossom White Chocolate Latte at Starbucks that can be found at locations across Korea starting in March. I also like to order Cherry Blossom tea in local cafes which is super fragrant and delicious!


Cherry-blossomed themed tumblers from Starbucks in Korea

When you’re teaching English in Korea, each season brings something new to enjoy and the Cherry Blossom season is definitely a highlight of the year! I hope you check out some of these beautiful blossoms and enjoy them while they last.

Michelle Duquette is from Toronto, Canada and moved to South Korea in 2015. She has a Bachelors in English literature and a Masters in ESL Education. Michelle has taught at Creverse campuses in Gangneung, Songpa, and Mokdong and currently works as a CDI and April Trainer. Michelle never set out to be a teacher but fell in love with Korean culture and the excitement of being in the classroom. Michelle lives in Seoul with her partner and two cats, Cherry and Frost.