Our Team

Dianna Coleman Overseas Recruiter

"Living and teaching English in Seoul, South Korea is one of the best experiences in my life so far. I was able to travel there with my partner, now husband, and the time that we spent together is something we reminisce about fondly. Moreover, navigating a foreign country helped us form an even deeper bond - from the little things like figuring out how the buttons worked on our laundry machine, to exploring the hidden gems of the city and countryside, to laughing about silly jokes our students told in class that day. Korea provided the opportunity for countless irreplaceable experiences: learning a new language and culture, eating so much delicious food, travelling to different countries like Japan and Vietnam, and making lifelong friends. Not only that, but I truly felt like I made an impact on my students. Teaching abroad is absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that enriched my life, and I am thrilled to be able to help others begin their journey! ”"

Tijana Huysamen Overseas Recruiter

"Teaching English abroad made my dreams come true! I’ve always been interested in culture, people and travelling the World. Teaching ESL in Korea gave me the opportunity to travel to 42 countries; learn a new language; shift gears in my career and meet the love of life, my husband. I honestly cannot express enough gratitude for the experiences I have gained in my personal and professional time spent abroad. If you’re hungry for something different and wanting to be pushed out of your comfort zone, then teaching abroad is perfect for achieving this. If you want to become more confident, responsible and multi-cultured, then don’t think. Just do it and take the plunge! The memories are worth every penny, and the savings are worth every smile. Also, the friends you make are friends for a lifetime. They will be a bridesmaid at your wedding, a reason to take a trip to the UK or Canada or…South Africa, and a travel buddy you’ll laugh, cry, and fight with. Additionally, at Chungdahm Learning I grew professionally from an Instructor to a Team Manager to now an International Recruiter for Aclipse. “Take every opportunity you have in life, because some things only happen once!”"

Colette Neville Overseas Recruiter

"I was about to graduate from the University of Western Ontario with my education degree, when I saw an ad to teach English in Japan. It piqued my interest so I immediately applied. After all, what better way to gain teaching experience and travel to a part of the world I had always been fascinated with, right? Soon after, I boarded a plane bound for Tokyo and what started as year of living overseas quickly turned into five! There was never a shortage of things to do...from spending a day visiting one of Japan's many historical sites, to eating in one of thousands of amazing restaurants, to dancing the night away in a downtown nightclub, or just hanging out in a park under the cherry blossoms in the spring. I also traveled to places like Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Guam, and Hong Kong. I loved my job teaching English and really felt like I made a difference with my students. I enjoyed the opportunity to make friends with other teachers from over the world, as well as some fellow Canadians. Finally, I’m proud to say that I was offered several promotions that helped me develop and expand my professional skills. No matter what country one goes to, teaching overseas is an adventure that you will never regret and never forget!"

Kate Collins Overseas Recruiter

"Best decision of my life! This is what I tell new candidates all the time. After graduating with a BA from Boston College, I was looking for something new, different, and exciting. I had the opportunity to attend graduate school and earn a MA degree while living and working in China. During my first year in China, I taught English and Western Culture to university students while also completing my studies. I fell in love with the country, people, culture, food, and everything that goes into being an expat. I stayed another three years teaching children from age 2 through university and enjoyed every minute of it. I learned more from my teaching experience and students than I have in any other job. It was such a rewarding experience to know that you made an impact in students' lives and opened their eyes to possibilities beyond their hometown. I was not only able to travel through China, but also had the opportunity to travel through over 25 other countries during my time abroad. I have made lifelong friendships with people from all around the world and I am fortunate to be able to impart my knowledge onto new teachers thinking about working abroad at Aclipse."

Joe Achacoso Overseas Recruiter

"My time in South Korea was intended for a year, but evolved into an 11-year tenure as an L2 educator, Faculty Manager, Senior Instructor Trainer—and now, an International Recruiter. My experience with Creverse led to many global opportunities including a year in Vietnam where I had the chance to work with the Vietnamese education market and instill our organization’s values within their administration and pedagogical approach. My extended experience with Creverse not only inspired me to further my own education, but it also financially afforded me the possibility of acquiring a master’s degree in Global Studies in Education—from one of the top universities in the US. Today, as I finish my thesis in Cape Town, South Africa, I reflect on my journey, and thank myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and making use of the benefits of working abroad—especially for an organization like Creverse who presented me with prospects exceeding my expectations."