10 Must-Pack Items When Moving To Korea

Back when I first arrived in Boseong—for my new role as a teacher—I immediately realized that packing wisely was key to making a smooth transition into the Korean teaching landscape. Below are 10 must-pack items for your Korean adventure!


1. Universal Power Adapter

A universal power adapter for Korea

It’s super helpful when you need to plug your devices onto their 220 volt system. I recommend getting a universal adapter so you can use it when you travel to other parts of Asia that don’t use 220 as well! Here’s a great post on the details of how the voltage system differs, and what kind of adapter you may want to get.


2. Multi-Functional Backpack

A versatile backpack to help stay organized even when you’re transitioning from the classroom to a night out in Korea.


3. Medication & Doctor’s Note

Include a doctor’s note for prescription medications and double-check Korea’s custom laws to guarantee a smooth transition into their healthcare system.


4. Shoes

Ensure you pack enough pairs of shoes—in your specific size—for various occasions. As larger shoe sizes in Korea can, at times, be difficult to find.


5. Layers for All Seasons

Prepare for the varying temperatures with versatile clothing suitable for different weather conditions.


6. One Formal Outfit

In case you get invited to a Korean wedding… or two.


7. Korean Phrasebook and Language Apps

A small phrasebook, or even a language app, can help you navigate communication in and out of the classroom. Here’s our blog on what apps you will need for Korea.


8. Practical Kitchen Essentials

A reusable water bottle… compact cookware… and familiar spices can make your new living space feel like home!


9. Extra Deodorant

Roll-on deodorants are readily available, but if you’re not used to them, then make sure to pack a few till you can find yours in foreign shops or online.


10. Copies of Important Documents

Having duplicate copies of passport, visa paperwork, and other crucial documents (physical and digital)—streamlines administrative processes and provides a safety net.

As you embark on this incredible teaching journey in Korea, these 10 must-pack items will ensure that you’re ready for many aspects of your adventure. Pack with purpose, stay open to new experiences, and may your time in the Land of Morning Calm be filled with transformative lessons, cultural discoveries, and lasting connections. Safe travels!

*For more detailed Packing Tips!

An English language teacher hiking in the mountains of South Korea on the weekend

Joe Achacoso, Aclipse Recruiter

Joe Achacoso first embarked on his ESL journey in 2010, to satiate his longing desire for travel! An opportunity intended for a year turned into a 10-year tenure—as an English teacher, faculty manager, instructor trainer and curriculum developer. His adventures in global education continued with a master’s, and it came full circle when he joined Aclipse’s recruiting team—hoping to help the like-minded achieve the same transformative experience.