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Teach In Korea & Beyond

Our goal at Aclipse is to help motivated and adventurous university graduates find top ESL jobs in South Korea and experience teaching abroad in captivating destinations. We offer 100% FREE job placement and full support throughout your teaching contract, ensuring a seamless transition into the unique and vibrant Korean teaching environment.

Our recruiters, who have personally taught English in Korea, possess the knowledge and experience to guide you throughout the process of teaching in this culturally rich country. Whether you’re interested in a teaching job in Seoul or immersing yourself in the serene beauty of the Korean countryside, Aclipse is dedicated to facilitating teaching jobs in Korea for foreigners, providing you with the tools and support needed for a successful and rewarding teaching experience.

The Benefits Of Teaching In Korea

Why Should You Teach In Korea?

How To Start Your Journey As An English Teacher In Korea


Teaching in Korea  is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking for a new experience. Hundreds of thousands have relocated to Korea to teach English and see how people do it on the other side of the world!


We offer Korean teacher jobs that immerse you in the local education system. Receive generous compensation, free housing (or housing assistance), airfare reimbursement, contract completion bonus, medical and pension, and more!


Learning English is of critical importance to Koreans, and education companies have leveraged technology to deliver cutting-edge methodologies to develop English language, critical thinking, debate, and imaginative expression skills.


K-pop, K-drama, Music festivals, sporting events, temples and pagodas, are just some of the activities our teachers do in Korea, forming relationships that last a lifetime. Many have even found their life partners!

What You Get From Us

100% FREE Job placement

Step-by-step documentation certification and visa processing

Relocation assistance

Pre-departure preparation planning

In-country support

Contract renewal guidance

Country exit support (pension liquidation, etc.)

Requirements To Teach In Korea

Do I Qualify to Teach In Korea?

Learn about the specific requirements for teaching English in South Korea, including the qualifications and certifications needed.

Unfortunately, if you do not meet all of the following qualifications, you cannot qualify for a visa to teach English in Korea.

Native English Speaker

You must be a native English speaker from an English-speaking country, and must have attended an English-speaking school since at least middle school.

Bachelor's Degree

Any major qualifies, not just English or Education. The Bachelor degree must have been obtained from an English-speaking country, and Associate’s degrees are not accepted.

Valid Passport

You must hold a valid passport from one of the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa.

You will also need a clean criminal record and a good bill of health.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Teacher in Korea

Looking To Teach In Korea?

Living As A Teacher In Korea - Common Questions

How to Become an English Teacher in Korea

Have you ever thought about becoming a tutor or English teacher in Korea? Aclipse is proud to to offer English teaching jobs in South Korea for Native English speakers!

Starting your teaching career in Korea can be a swift and organized process with our detailed timeline. From application and interview to visa application and final preparations, we outline every step to ensure you're well-prepared. Within a few months, you can go from applying in your home country to arriving in South Korea, ready to start your new teaching journey.

For a complete day-by-day breakdown, check out our comprehensive guide to becoming an English teacher in Korea.

Do I need to speak Korean in order to teach in Korea?

No, you don't need to be a native speaker or even know Korean to teach English in Korea.

In classrooms, only English is used for teaching. Students are not allowed to speak Korean during lessons, creating an all-English learning environment.

What degree do I need to teach In Korea?

Any college major works for teaching in Korea; it's not limited to just English or Education.

No prior teaching experience is necessary in most cases as employers offer training programs in Korea, providing additional teaching support from other teachers in your school or your Korean co-teacher (in the case of public school programs).

In order to apply with Aclipse, however, Your Bachelor's degree needs to be from an English-speaking country, and Associate's degrees are not accepted.

Do I need TEFL to teach in Korea?

While not mandatory for all positions, having a TEFL certificate is strongly recommended for teaching in Korea.

How much can I make teaching in Korea?

You can earn a starting monthly salary ranging from 2.4 to 4.0 Million KRW while teaching in Korea. Additionally, you'll enjoy perks like paid vacation, national holidays and your flight to Korea will be reimbursed.

For more information on teacher benefits, visit this link

Do English teachers In Korea get free housing?

Housing is provided for English teachers in Korea.

If housing is not provided, you will receive a higher salary.

Apartments may vary in size based on your teaching location, but they typically come with essential amenities such as a washer, closet, storage space, stove, refrigerator, and a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.

Can I get a job teaching English in south Korea without a degree?

No, you cannot teach in South Korea without a 4-year undergraduate Bachelor's degree.

The degree can be in any major, not exclusively in English or Education. However, it is crucial that the Bachelor's degree is obtained from an institution in an English-speaking country. Unfortunately, neither Associate's degrees nor any other education certification lower qualifications qualify candidates to teach English in South Korea.

Our Blog - Discover Korea

What's It Like In Korea?

Explore the experiences shared by our community of English teachers in Korea through our featured blog posts. 

Each story and insight from English teachers in South Korea sheds light on the unique aspects of living and teaching in this vibrant country. 

Whether you’re curious about the urban energy of Seoul or the tranquil beauty of Korea’s countryside villages, our community’s firsthand accounts will provide you with a comprehensive view of the adventures and challenges that await in South Korea.


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